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Custom Creativity

15 October 1986
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  • silawen@livejournal.com
♦ About Me ♦
♣ This Journal ♣
♥ My Fandoms ♥
♠ The Graphics ♠
This is the graphics, fanfiction and fandom journal of lalaith86. Easy-going. Dutch. Creative. Animal person. Strange taste in men. Loyal. Batshit insane.
Graphics. Fanfiction. Lots and lots of crap. ^^
Wrestling. Bleach. Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings. Tales of the Abyss. Firefly. Star Trek. (Any fantasy/sci-fi show or movie, really.) Lots and lots of anime.
Anyone can use them. *shrug* For a clear cut review of my 'rules', please visit my rules page.
For my full resources page, please go here.
Credit for this profile and my journal style go to noveltybox Credit for my moodtheme goes to myrasis.